✓ Free shipping on orders over €75, £63, $82
✓ Free shipping on orders over €75, £63, $82

The home of creative slow fashion design brands from around the globe, based in Amsterdam.

IKIGAI LABELS brings carefully curated collections of conscious fashion with an edge. Because the boutique is one-women owned, each brand is selected personally to show you only the best discovered slow fashion brands.
On a mission to make slow fashion more inclusive, the e-store offers a wide variety of prices. Custom made to measure is also possible, to create the perfect fit for all kind of shapes and bodytypes. 

Your order will be sent directly from brand to you.

IKIGAI LABELS doesn't own a storage, or even an office. 

✓ Short distribution channel reduces carbon print. 
✓ Green office practices become even greener, without having one.

Thank you for buying responsibly.

IKIGAI LABELS embodies a holistic approach, ultimately striving towards a conscious fashion industry that encourages emancipation, inclusivity, and social sustainability. We believe that bridging gaps and connecting people is essential to achieve the UN Global Goals.

To complete the circle of social impact, 5% of the profit of your purchase goes towards NGO's working for fair labour and equal human rights. 

✓ Holistic approach to a socially sustainable business model.

Hi from Amsterdam!

IKIGAI LABELS is based in Amsterdam, connected to slow fashion designers from all over the world. 

All brands are carefully selected by me Helene Oudman, based on looks, sustainability, inclusiveness and my gut feeling. Developing a direct and open relationship with you the customer as well as all the designers are very important to me. Connecting people to let the slow fashion movement grow is what drives me on the long run for IKIGAI LABELS.

My story.

When in 2018 my maternity leave ended after giving birth to twin girls, I was very eager to go back to work. Exactly at this time, at our first meeting since, my business partner told me she wanted to quit our business. I was in shock!  But then I realized: now it is time to fulfill my dream. Looking back at it, the circumstances were challenging, but in the midst of the perfect timing, immense passion and inevitable necessity. 

Although I have been working on creating awareness about the slow fashion industry for years, with IKIGAI LABELS I see the opportunity to create something different in this industry, something international with a new vision offering a specific solution to people who can’t find slow fashion labels fitting to their values, budget or sense of style. There is still a lot to win in the fashion industry when it comes to emancipation, inclusivity, and social sustainability. At the same time I want to bring something fun and playful.

All and all I am determined to make slow fashion brands more visible and accessible for a much wider variety of people.

My first blog is soon expected! About why I've chosen for a Japanese business name and to discuss when this is cultural appropriation or not. 

Welcome to the exciting slow fashion brands of the IKIGAI LABELS community.

Love, Helene Oudman

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