✓ Free shipping on orders over €75, £63, $82
✓ Free shipping on orders over €75, £63, $82

Bringing diverse ways of conscious shopping and a wide range of price points, presented by designers from all around the globe, to be as (size-) exclusive as possible.

Bold, edgy, yet minimalistic slow fashion. 

IKIGAI LABELS' online store offers high-end as well as vintage and up-cycled items, including the possibility to order a custom size. 

Ultimately striving towards a conscious fashion industry that encourages emancipation, inclusivity, and social sustainability.

Your order will be sent directly from brand to you.

IKIGAI LABELS doesn't own a storage, or even an office. 

✓ Short distribution channel reduces carbon print. 
✓ Green office practices become even greener, without having one.

Thank you for buying responsibly.

IKIGAI LABELS embodies a holistic approach, ultimately striving towards a conscious fashion industry that encourages emancipation, inclusivity, and social sustainability. We believe that bridging gaps and connecting people is essential to achieve the UN Global Goals.

To complete the circle of social impact, 5% of the profit of your purchase goes towards NGO's working for fair labour and equal human rights. 

✓ Holistic approach to a socially sustainable business model.

Hi from Amsterdam!

IKIGAI LABELS is based in Amsterdam, connected to slow fashion designers from all over the world. 

All brands are carefully selected by the founder Helene Oudman, based on looks, sustainability, inclusiveness and her guts feeling. Developing an open and informal relationship with the designers is very important to her. Connecting with like minded people to let the slow fashion movement grow is what drives her to run IKIGAI LABELS.

My story.

I have met so many talented slow fashion designers, that I was surprised to learn that many of my friends, couldn't name even one. That is how I found my ikigai

When my maternity leave ended after giving birth to twin girls, I was very eager to go back to work. The urge to create more awareness about the fashion industry had grown even stronger. Exactly at this time, my business partner decided to quit our business. And then I knew: it is time to fulfill my dream.

I want to introduce slow fashion labels to a much bigger audience, by making the shopping process in slow fashion more convenient and fashionable. It should be absolutely irresistible to shop slow fashion, to be able to maximise the social impact. And by social impact I also mean a multidimensional approach in diversity within the fashion industry.

Exactly 1 year later, my webshop IKIGAI LABELS has been launched!  Every week I will proudly introduce new exiting slow fashion labels to you.   


Love, Helene Oudman

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