IKIGAI LABELS…what you don’t know about it!

The Loom Art Sustainable Fashion Dark Navy Dress


IKIGAI LABELS has been around now for about two years. I first met IKIGAI LABELS and Helene almost a year ago and recently, this house of sustainable and upcycled fashion has been growing more and more and that is just an amazing thing to see!

This also means that some of you, you recently came upon IKIGAI LABELS, might not know the whole story behind it. Did you know that the whole concept was though, executed and built by one woman? That’s right - how amazing is that! You can read all about Helene’s journey and how IKIGAI LABLES came to be here

At its heart, Ikigai Labels is an e-boutique, focused on sustainable designs that go beyond the everyday items you usually see, highlighting designers and brands from all over the world, from Netherlands-based to all the way from Colombia. A one-women owned business that promotes, and lifts up the businesses of other fellow women entrepreneurs and creatives – how amazing is that? I think pretty amazing if you ask me, but then again, see for yourself – right here.

However, one of the things that truly differentiates IKIGAI LABELS as an e-commerce platform centered around sustainable fashion for all, is the unique selection, being the only online shopping platform putting in the spotlight a variety of brands, otherwise not available in the Netherlands, or even Europe. Didn’t know that? Well, no worries, I’ll make a quick list for you right below!



If you like quality, colorful accents and prints, you like MANDINGA. This Uruguayan brand that merges art and global trends in their designs, and they are known for their uniquely designed prints. MANDINGA was established in 2011 by sister-duo Analia and Luciana and everything around the brand is about supporting the local community. All manufacturing, materials sourcing and craftsmanship is locally made. Upcycling, sustainability and reducing waste is at the heart of this brand. I’ll leave below just some of my favourite items of theirs, for the rest, find them on IKIGAI LABELS

 White Knitted Sweater Mandinga          Checkered Wool Sustainable Blazer Mandinga



Farewell Frances is an upcycle fashion brand, based right in the heart of New York. They use vintage and antique textiles in their manufacturing process and ultimately manage to bring to life some one-of-a-kind sustainable fashion items. Take a look!


Complex prints, fabrics, colours and shapes – that describing SUSHCHENKO in a couple of words for you. This Barcelona based brands is not for the weak of heart I will say, it’s daring, it’s modern, it’s all ethically made and all in small, limited batches. Need I say more – take a look at these pants and order yours ASAP.

Diamond Cut Jeans       Glossy Gold Pattern Pants


Last, but not least, meet the LOOM ART. It’s all in the name really – this is a unique sustainable fashion brand, whose mission is to offer a common platform supporting artisans, weavers, embroiders, and all creative souls implicated in the production process from A to Z. THE LOOM ART focuses on reviving one of the oldest and most authentic crafts - embroidery and weaving techniques - in this fast fashion dominated world. 




Blog written and edited by guest writer, Andreea Stochita

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