WAFFLE TOTE BAG Milla white/grey

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Our WAFFLE TOTE is the perfect bag for travelling! This classy and functional bag with wide straps is made to carry heavy things without causing shoulder pain! It is made of leftovers from cutting, has a lining and features a small pocket inside. The Straps are made of traditional ASO OKE from Nigeria.

ASO OKE is a thick hand loom, woven fabric which is similar in the texture to canvas or denim. Made mostly by the Yoruba tribe of south west Nigeria. It is woven in stripes and these strips are traditionally sewn together to create clothing.

This product ethically produces in our Studio in Berlin.

Made in Berlin

Material: 100% organic Cotton IVN Best, 100% Cotton

Measurements: approx. 41 cm x 44 cm

Color: White, Grey and Indigo


Each Bag is unique  

Cold machine wash - no tumble dry


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