Sustainable handmade jewellery by a boy and a girl.

Are you ready to pop some colour? FELT is the Amsterdam-based jewellery designer creating ear candy that makes the world less grey. All jewellery pieces are locally and consciously handmade in their Amsterdam studio. 

FELT  jewellery is known for its playful, colorful character. The acronym of Felt, Feeling Every Little Thing, shows the brand likes to celebrate all emotions with a light-hearted approach.

A large part of the FELT collection is made to order, which means that the product is made when ordered. This makes producing much more sustainable because there is hardly any deadstock or waste.

FELT ´amoeba´ items are produced with organic vegetable resin made from biobased raw materials. As a result, the CO2 emissions and the use of mineral raw materials such as petroleum drastically reduced.

In addition to silver and gold plated pieces, part of the collection is made of stainless steel which is a very sustainable material because of energy saving and made to last a lifetime.

✓Ethically produced ✓Eco-friendly produced ✓Locally produced ✓Fair wages ✓No animal cruelty ✓Made to last a lifetime ✓Small batch ✓Supporting independent designer ✓Women owned ✓BIPOC man owned ✓Non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals ✓Inclusive representation mined ✓Eco-friendly shipping ✓Eco-friendly packaging  ✓BLM advocate ✓Inclusive representation minded