KETEVANNA is a British ethical slow fashion brand creating elegant stylish pieces as wearable experiences for mindful and passionate lives.

KETEVANNA is driven by a mother-daughter duo, Ketevan and Anna. With their combined passion for design and unique relationship within the business, they are driven to create the sustainability of the most luxurious garment and ethically. 

Together they create sleek fun pieces with bright colours and bold silhouettes. Unique, timeless, exquisite pieces. 

Their mission with KETEVANNA is to empower as many women as they can reach and be united on a front against fast fashion and the problems it causes. They want to be advocates for principles such as good quality, clean environment, and fairness for both consumers and producers.

Let's respect, care and love our community, communities around the world and our planet.




✓Ethically produced ✓Locally produced ✓Fair wages ✓No animal cruelty ✓Made to last a lifetime ✓Small batch  ✓Supporting independent designer ✓Eco-friendly produced  ✓Inclusive representation  ✓Inclusive sizing