Lorette Silk Kimono-inspired Jacket




Shop our slow fashion kimonos and find your one of a kind piece to brighten up your life with a sophisticated yet fun alternative to a jacket.

Our conscious kimonos feel comfy, soft and rich on. They are so easy to wear for any occasion and are a statement piece in your wardrobe. The line of the kimono, simple and delicate, leaves the body free to present itself. Providing you with an online conscious slow fashion store who have a love for edgy, bold yet minimalistic fashion. 

Unauno Design is a European slow fashion brand entirely handmaking unisex kimono jackets in Italy. So each item they consciously design and create is unique and one of a kind.

/id/ creates their kimonos with the female silhouette in mind to accentuate the waist and romanticise the kimono. They care about you and if you fall in love with a style or design and cannot find the right size, they will try their best to make a unique piece with the same or similar design.

All our kimonos have a luxurious feel and are incredibly stylish. Not to mention, all the blouses are ethically and sustainably sourced and from slow fashion brands worldwide who take pride in their work.