So, what does this ikigai mean? Ikigai is a Japanese concept, that loosely translates to the meaning of life. It is essentially your reason to get up in the morning and what keeps you motivated on the long run. If you manage to combine what you love, what you are good at and what the world needs with what you can get paid for, this will give you the most satisfaction in life. You have reached your ikigai! 

I have been creating awareness about the fashion industry since 2013. But the urge to make an impact in the fashion industry grew after giving birth to my twin girls in 2018. Because of them I felt the power and need to start a new business in sustainability. It has been my dream to introduce slow fashion labels to a bigger audience, by making the shopping process in slow fashion more convenient and fashionable. I believe that it should be absolutely irresistible to shop slow fashion, to be able to maximise the social impact. 

Because of this I’ve met hundreds of pioneers of slow fashion from all over the world. Independent fashion designers who create the most beautiful apparel; unique and ethically made through independent craftsmanship. They choose for a holistic approach, respecting humans and nature while creating fashion that lasts. To me it feels that the entire process of creating fashion meets the ikigai of these passionate slow fashion designers. And at the same time; choosing for fashion with a long term vision is so important for fueling my ikigai.

I decided to collect these incredible slow fashion brands through the name 'ikigai labels'. Now, exactly one year after the maternity leave, my webshop IKIGAI LABELS has been launched! 

I will proudly introduce you to new exiting slow fashion labels every week.

Love, Helene Oudman

With many thanks to Japan, all the designers and my family.