Follow these mindful care tips to give your clothing a longer lifetime and save a lot of energy:

  • Hand wash

Some fabrics, like the handwoven fabrics, are very delicate. While you can place them in a gentle cycle, handwashing them whenever possible is recommended.

  • Use a washing bag

Make sure that zippers are zipped and velcro closures closed when washing. This will minimize the risk that fabrics get caught on sharp edges during the wash and begin to pill. A washing bag will protect all fabrics and garments from being torn or stretched out in the washing machine. 

  •  Air out your clothes - only wash as needed 

Clothes are piling up in your laundry basket? You’re not being lazy, you’re just being a really good person. We usually wash our clothes too much. Clothing that is not very dirty can be aired out instead. Only wash as needed – your clothes will last way longer and you’ll save on water and detergent.

  • Iron Cool

Irone it, don't fry it. Give your iron a break and set it on a lower temperature – you do less damage to your clothing and you’ll save energy.

Good luck!