When in 2018 my maternity leave ended after giving birth to twin girls, I was very eager to go back to work. Exactly at this time, at our first meeting since, my business partner told me she wanted to quit our business. I was in shock!  But then I realized: now it is time to fulfill my dream. Looking back at it, the circumstances were challenging, but in the midst of immense passion and inevitable necessity. 

Being a mom of Elbie and Lieske made me feel more self confident, but also more aware of inequality ever before. 

Although I have been working on creating awareness about the slow fashion industry for years, with IKIGAI LABELS I see the opportunity to create something different in this Dutch and European industry, something international with a new vision offering a specific solution to people who can’t find slow fashion labels fitting to their values, budget or sense of style.

I believe there is still so much to win in the slow fashion community when it comes to emancipation, inclusivity, and social sustainability.
At the same time I want to bring something fun and playful, showing the yet to discover cool brands in combination with the stylish established sustainable designers. 

All and all I am determined to make slow fashion brands more visible and accessible for a much wider variety of people.

Welcome to the IKIGAI LABELS community.

Love, Helene Oudman