Slow fashion stands for:

1. Valuing quality over quantity.
The fashion designers on IKIGAI LABELS create timeless pieces of quality that last forever. Fashion is not to be thrown away, but to be valued as an art piece. Each piece is made by craftsmen, with love and plenty of time.

2. Having a transparent business model.
The fashion brands on IKIGAI LABELS have traceable supply chains. They inform you about the source of the used materials, how, where and by whom it is made, and the wages the craftsmen receive. Being able to be transparent, means that these fashion labels supervise that all labour is done under fair labor and equal human rights. 

3. Focussing on doing good socially. 
The fashion brands on IKIGAI LABELS are made under fair living wages, with right to a workers union, commitment against modern slavery, healthy and safe working conditions, to empower women. 
Did you know? 80% of the people working in fashion labour are women; let's talk about craftswomen.

4. Doing business in a planet friendly and responsible way.
The fashion brands on IKIGAI LABELS are produced using recycled, upcycled, organic and/or vintage materials in a carbon neutral way with minimal waste and minimal energy or water use. All animal cruelty free.

Each brand has their own focus and often they do even more than described above.

Founder Helene Oudman:
"When I speak with the slow fashion designers I collaborate with, they always speak with so much pride and love about their creations. They take the sustainable production process and fair labour to the next level. From contributing to daycare and massage therapy for the craftswomen in the factories to paying well above the standard legal minimum wage. Even moving from their home country to Cambodia to create fair factories to be a 100% sure of an ethical production process.These are only a few examples of their strong commitment to maximise the social impact. To me, that is what slow fashion is all about."