Claire Scrunchie

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The Claire scrunchie is a zero waste accessory and it's a unique little thing since it's a one of a kind piece. There's an environmental cost to creating fabrics and so a conscious effort is made not to waste any when creating War & Drobe accessories and garments. This is why the Claire scrunchie is made from fabric pieces too small to use for the headbands. It's made from three sophisticated shades of pure silk which see a nutmeg patchworked with classic off white and black. The elastic inside the scrunchie is made in Austria from certified organic cotton & natural rubber.

Please note, this scrunchie is made from pure silk making it more delicate and so should be handled with care.

Details: Pure silk / Elastic: 70% Organic Cotton 30% Natural Rubber

Care Instructions: It's recommended that you steam the scrunchie to give it a fuller look. Spot clean with a damp sponge.

Measurements: Width: 5.5cm, Diameter: 15cm

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