High Waisted Recycled "Mother Earth" Jeans, Blue Denim


Upcycling allows us as a company to reduce landfill contributions caused by increased clothing consumption by thinking about the end of life of garments. To drive this idea home we have embroidered these jeans with the words 'Mother Earth', to remind us of our constant connection to nature. 

These one-off pieces are special and unique to each individual. These beautiful pieces are handcrafted & made to order so please allow a maximum of 2 weeks before receiving. 

  • Upcycled jeans embroidered with the words 'Mother Earth'
  • High Waisted 
  • Blue Denim 
  • Relaxed fit & rolled up hems
  • Average trouser length

The denim might differ slightly from the images due to the vintage nature of these jeans. We do use vintage jeans and some pairs maybe distressed with slight wear & tear. Only making each piece more timeless and unique each time. As these jeans have been upcycled each pair can differ slightly in colour & fit. If you have a special request in terms of length or fit please get in touch after placing your order and our team can organise this for you. 


By shopping our jeans each pair saves:

  • 9500 litres of water
  • 34kg of CO2 emissions - similar to taking a car and driving for 111km
  • 1kg of waste from UK landfills
  • Supports 1.5 days of fair working conditions & pay, made in the UK by local artisans


Hand wash or dry clean when necessary. Denim is not supposed to be washed in a washing machine when worn a few times please leave out to air.