High Waisted Recycled Embroidered Jeans


Did you know that £140 million worth of clothing goes to landfill every year? By upcycling pre-loved jeans, we are preventing clothing wastage from going to landfill and prolonging the lifespan of these garments. 

  • These high waisted jeans have been embroidered with an abstract face below the right pocket and patched with upcycled offcuts below the left knee
  • Hand wash or dry clean when necessary. Denim is not supposed to be washed in a washing machine so after a few wears please leave out to air
  • Some denim might alter in colour slightly from the images.

If good quality jeans are made to last a lifetime, why are we throwing them away? At Fanfare we redesign and repurpose these garments, creating unique and contemporary jeans that will stand out from the crowd while protecting the environment and encouraging circular fashion.