This hoodie is made of unbrushed sweat, dyed with natural marine blue pigments. 
  • Specifications
Main cotton is grown, spun, knitted and dyed in Turkey. The cotton used for the sewing thread is grown in Egypt spun and dyed in Italy. The sewing of these leggins are made in Slovakia, during their workshop.
    • Fabric
    The strips and cuffs are made of Rib 1x1 organic cotton and elastane: (96% - 4%), natural color, dyed with natural marine blue pigments. The main seam is diagonal. All certified 100% certified organic cotton GOTS.

    BEARD & FRINGE from France
    100% organic, sustainable & irresistibly chic. The brothers Sylvain and Gil pay particular attention to the selection of quality materials, GOTS certificated, favoring comfort, strength, originality of weaving. 

    With BEARD & FRINGE they renew the values and tradition that have made the reputation of luxury fashion houses: quality of materials, how to do the way, longevity of use.

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