Mila Headband

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The Mila headband is handmade in London from an embellished vintage trim, the exact date or origin is unknown. Mila is a traditional Slavic name which means "gracious" or "dear one". By incorporating vintage materials, we are able to wear a rare piece of history while also giving the trim itself a new lease of life. This particular headband is made from a delicate pale green cotton which has been embellished with a golden coloured thread that is sewn into a floral design. This piece is a real labour of love and requires the most hand sewing of all the previous War & Drobe designs. To give the headband body, wadding that was too small to use from previous styles has been broken down and sewn inside. The headband is lined with organic black organic bamboo viscose and a soft metal aliceband is sewn inside which gives it structure. It has been designed and made to sit comfortably to your head so you can wear it throughout the day without it being too tight.

Please note as this piece is made from vintage trims it may have minor flaws.

This headband comes inside an organic cotton bag and is placed inside a foldable box. It's recommended you store the headband inside the bag and box to avoid crushing or damage.

Details: Outer: Vintage Trim / Lining: Organic Bamboo Viscose / Label: 100% Recycled Polyester

Care Instructions: For small stains, spot clean with a damp cloth or sponge. For the headband to maintain its original shape please store it in a safe place and avoid bending or crushing.

Measurements: Width: 2cm Height 1cm Length: 37cm

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