Quilted Sneakers Stars


We are SO excited to get these out into the world. They’re THE most comfy, beautiful eco friendly shoes. These sneakers were made by a 100 year old family run shoe factory in Spain using vintage cutter quilts and wool coverlets sourced by us. 

Some important things to note:

1.) You most likely won’t receive the exact shoe shown in the photos. You will receive one made from the same quilt though. I’ve photographed a couple of shoes to show you what the variation is. Most of them are nearly identical.

2.) These shoes run true to size. If you are in between sizes we recommend sizing up.

3.) Because these are made from vintage materials you may notice wear or light staining on your sneaker. It just comes with the territory of repurposing. We never cut up pristine quilts but we also try to avoid heavily staining and wear. 

You can read about our return policy here.