Recycled & Organic Cotton Statement Sleeve White Top


Using a blend of recycled offcuts & 100% GOTS-certified organic breathable cotton (including the labelling), this jumper is a classic fresh thinking top with an elegant twist.

With a one-off volume sleeve in a diverse coloured check print this top is an elegant addition to any wardrobe.

This white long-sleeved patched jumper not only helps create a choice of styles for different occasions but is also made to help put your mind at ease knowing that the materials you are wearing are unharmful to the environment. 


All of our designer pieces are handcrafted in the UK in our London factories where we can guarantee fair wages and working conditions for the artisans who craft our garments.

100% GOTs certified Organic Cotton & Recycled Offcuts

Our packaging is all made from recycled materials and tissue paper for a low-impact delivery. 

Care Instructions:

Dry Clean Only. Iron or steam on a low heat setting and avoid tumble drying to prevent damage to your garment.