Recycled Reversible Top, Check


The high-quality fabric we recycled to make this garment is one-of-a-kind, and due to the limited stock, we can only offer a small number of these tops.

  • Handmade in London
  • This reversible garment can be worn as a V-neck, with the fastening at the front, or a high neck with the fastening at the back
  • Multi-use garments offer you a choice of styles for different occasions and therefore are likely to see a longer lifespan in your wardrobe
  • Dry-clean only. Iron or steam on a low heat setting and avoid tumble drying to prevent damage to your garment.


We guarantee fair wages and good working conditions for the people who created this garment.

Our packaging is made from recycled materials and tissue paper for low-impact delivery. 

This particular garment is made in our London-based factories from local fabrics. We go to great lengths to source beautiful fabrics and our suppliers work closely with local textile traders and artisans to uphold traditional skills. We want to help the communities we work with, support their local economies and improve their self-sufficiency. By doing this we can help give independence to the smaller companies and family businesses we buy from.

We have used Corozo buttons for the fastening, crafted from palm tree nuts and dyed with low-impact materials. Corozo is found in rainforest biomes and is farmed by indigenous communities, preventing the deforestation of these important natural habitats and employing tens of thousands of indigenous people.