Unique artwork on silk.

Seashell is the second design from the MERMAID SERIES and is created with the ‘hair’ and fins of Sirena, that were shaped into a seashell-form. An abstract seashell artwork, inspired by art nouveau and painted in modern colours, as always with a bit of Japanese influences. If you look closely, you see the repeat of the fins, details of her red wavy hair, all captured in a flowy spirit with a clear center from where everything moves outwards.

20% of every scarf will be donated to The Oceancleanup.  Life started in our oceans, these mermaids support the underwater world.

20cm x 20cm*
100% silk ‘twill’
Dry cleaning or hand wash only - with a tiny bit of 0% paraben laundry detergent)
*Size may differ slightly as items are all made by hand


TOS GALLERY is a Dutch concept brand with a focus on authenticity, craftsmanship, arts and imagination. The enchanting textiles and minimalistic, elegant shapes together form a contemporary style that’s both wearable as artistic. The designer creates valuable pieces that are unique and handmade in The Netherlands. 

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